Promoting Inclusion, Diversity and Community Outreach at WAHYFC

Caroline Keetch is on the committee to help promote Inclusion, Diversity and Community Outreach at WAHYFC, and to build on the Club’s core philosophy that team football is about far more than simply winning at the game.

Caroline will help the Club continue to ensure that players of all abilities and backgrounds have the opportunity to play football, alongside maintaining and promoting positivity, wellbeing, respect and teamwork, and a love of sport that is valued above individual achievement and success. She will also work to build relationships between WAHYFC and the community to promote the positive impact of the club in local society.

Caroline has been involved with the Club since her son joined the U8s Falcons team in 2019. He is now in the U10s Robins and her company, Halsey Keetch Ltd., is a corporate sponsor. She says: “Since our son started playing at WAHYFC, football has become such a positive aspect of his life, but also of our family life too. Involvement with the Club, through training, matches and tournaments is always a great experience. I am delighted to bring some of the skills I have gained through my business activities, including highlighting the importance of an inclusive culture in the financial services industry, to helping the Club to continue promoting this aspect of their philosophy in grassroots football.”