EEYFL’s silent weekend

Thank you to all our parents, carers, spectators and coaches who took part in the FA’s National Silent Weekend. We know our young players really appreciated the opportunity to make their own decisions and their own mistakes.

In support of the EEYFL’s silent weekend, we are asking our teams to get involved and stay silent on Saturday 12th November. Same guidance applies - applauding is the best encouragement.

What to do at the EEYFL’s Silent Weekend?

• Allow players to make mistakes

• Allow players to make their own decisions

• Applaud good play and effort from either team

What are the benefits of the Silent Weekend?

• Players can concentrate on the game and not be distracted by the touchline

• Players develop independent learning and decision-making

• Coaches can assess the teams communication skills

What are the coaches supposed to do if they can’t communicate?

Please give clear instructions to players before the game starts, take notes during the game, and use half time or quarters to communicate to players positively. Coaches can also communicate with players through the captain or substitutes during suitable breaks in play.